How to speed up (even more) your Ubuntu/Elive installation.

3 January, 2008 at 9:33 pm (Elive, Linux, Ubuntu)

Well, i want to share also some experiments i made on my Ubuntu and Elive boxes..

Since both are based on Debian, both can benefit of those tweaks..

Ok let’s write down what we need to do:

  1. prelinking executables (this speeds up a little the load of applications)
  2. preload and readahead daemon (this adaptive daemon checks what are the libs and apps u use more ofter and precharges a copy of them in memory)
  3. profiling boot sequence (this should speed up boot sequence, the results were noticeable in Ubuntu, Elive is already very optimized on it)
  4. disabling unnecessary services (perfect for Ubuntu)

Ok, let’s start from point 1,

prelinking executables should increase the speed when loading an application, however i didn’t see much difference, but since it didn’t give problems on my system i did it.

First of all, you need to install prelink, this can be done via apt-get easily.

Once it is installed, is needed to edit /etc/default/prelink by changing PRELINKING=yes, and PRELINK_OPTS=-avmfR
and then issue
This will start the first prelink, the longest, then every 14 days the system will run a fast prelink again..
However i suggest, in case of big updates, or many new apps installed, to re-run it manually.

Regarding point 2,

this is extremely easy to do, just install via apt-get readahead and preload (sometime one is already installed) and they will take care of everything automatically (DON’T USE them if you are low in ram or have a very low spec hardware).

Dealing with point 3 is very easy as well,

when booting press esc to stop the boot sequence, and edit the grub line by adding the word profile at the end, then boot normally.

The system will take care of profiling the boot sequence for faster bootups, like before, when you change many stuffs on your system do it again…

Point 4 is the hardest,

and i suggest caring of this only to the experts, i won’t give much advices here to prevent n00bs from destroying their system.

In order to check what is running and when, i find extremely convenient to use sysv-rc-conf a nice text interface for dealing with services.

Just apt-get install it and run as root, then is not needed to explain how it works..

Many services can be shut down in ubuntu, in Elive there are far less, so i suggest this last point only to ubuntu users!

That’s all, now your system should be slightly snappier 😀


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  1. darko said,

    Also the teak with swappiness is very helpful if RAM is available

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