On the task…

21 June, 2009 at 10:30 pm (Various)

Lately I’ve spent some time thinking on “the task”. Being the task the ultimate reason of life. Unfortunately, this topic is very hard and cloudy, and so far I have not been able to get a clear answer.First of all, It’d be clear what is the task. For sure is not getting rich, nor having a nice wife, or health and happiness. All those are just temporary tasks that we all point to, only to realize soon or later that they are always running faster than we can chase them. Wealth doesn’t give happiness, is absolutely true; health doesn’t give anything else than a long life, maybe; luck, can last for years, and disappear in a second; and I could continue forever.

In a world where everything flows, nothing is the same as it has been just the istant before, and there is no guarantee things will keep going as we were used to. Surprises will come, good or bad, and troubles and happiness will dance around our life with joy not caring of our will. Time, will keep flowing, the most precious thing we have, and we will keep spending it for absolutely not valuable things. The good part is that we don’t even know the time we have left, its like we have a big black bag filled with time, and we keep spending it, one day we will realize there are only few coins left, and what to do by then?

Where is the ultimate task we all should chase? And most important of all, is there an ultimate task?

I could easily state the “task” is the continuity of human race, our ultimate biological task is to reproduce as much as we can, but it is indeed too much trivial. I can’t really accept that our life is being driven by the simple task of making as many healty children as possible. So the task should lay somewhere else.

I may also think the final task of life is having happiness, but everyone knows, that happiness lasts for a minute, and leaves a bitter aftertaste, it could be nice if we would be happy lifelong, but then, would we call it happiness? or just normality? and then, due to our nature, wouldn’t we grow new desires, and be unhappy till we fulfill them?

If a god would give us an illimitate power to get all we want, I am sure, we will start desiring something which is beyond the powers we have.

But the man, the most imperfected design of nature, with no teeth, no claws, nor with fast running legs, and with not even a fur, has something that has no equal in the natural world. We are self conscious, and able to improve ourselves in a very effective way. So might be that the ultimate task is improving ourselves? This I don’t know, but I believe is the thing that is closer to it. By improving ourselves and sharing knowledge with others, we improve the whole mankind. It must not be forgotten that, like ants, we work all together for an unknown objective, we try our best to make our life easier, more interesting, more fun. The human race has built the most beautiful things, and the greatest, and has discovered the inner nature of things, and has understood the laws that rule the nature. But, is this “the task”?

As for me, I will stick to my little tasks: happiness if possible, finding always new interests, and never spending time for valueless things, life, after all, is so short, and there is no guarantee there will be another one. I realized that so far, the thing that interest me the most, in the world, are the humans..

Again, the question comes to the mind: what is “the task”?

I don’t know what is the task, but at least I can say I know what is certainly not!


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