The twilight of homeland..

7 January, 2010 at 11:42 pm (Various)

I finally made up my mind and left my homeland.

I had really no chance there, my job was gone, and there was nothing on the way. With no job, and nothing to do, I tried to apply for a PhD, the best offer I got was a free PhD in my university.

Truly speaking I didn’t consider it. So I ended up in England, working as a researcher. The job is pretty nice, the pay is fair, but there are lot of expenses.

The life is pretty slow in the english countryside, almost on the boring side. But that’s it, on the other side many things are easier.

Getting a car, a bank account, and an home is pretty easy. Try to do that in Italy…

I have been following occasionally the situation in my country, the system Italy is slowly devoured from inside.

We definitely have a bunch of “good to hang” politicians over there, what is terrifying, is that ppl continue to vote them.

That’s the worst, the bottom of the society is completely rotten, so I strongly doubt that a recover is possible.

Its really a pity, that we are ending up in that way. But it seems that we want to end up in that way.

For what concerns me, I’m out. Good luck to who stays, I won’t fight for the land, and there is no point in fighting for ppl that are choosing their own poison.

Those fearsome lazy ppl are fine with the destruction of their homeland? It seems so.

I am not a saint nor a general, so being only a small man, I choose to remember how it was, and to keep the historical memory of the fact that took us to this point.

That’s all I will do, that’s all I want to do: in the neckbreaking race to destruction Italian ppl have forgotten themselves.


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